Chicken Coop-Studio 306

The Chicken Coop-Studio 306 Fund was established to support the furtherance of the Project’s mission.

The mission of Chicken Coop-Studio 306 is to unify our small towns in the Allegheny-Clarion River Valley by organizing our artistic endeavors and the many talents our residents possess. This non-profit organization will encourage both young and old alike to share their skills and abilities on a small town, family, and community level. To do this the Chicken Coop will promote creativity, critical thinking, education, and any other outlet, within reason, to better enhance the communities. Community outreach would be in the form of workshops open to the public, local and traveling, as well as a yearly event showcasing the previous year’s works and efforts. The core group members will share responsibilities and duties to establish a sense of community with a common goal: to unify.

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