Dustin A. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship

The Dustin A. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the life and impact that Dustin had in his community and the people that surrounded him. The fund shall provide an annual scholarship of at least $500.00 to a student who would like to further their studies in any field.

The following is the criteria that must be met for eligibility:

  • The recipient shall be a graduate of Oil City High School. If Oil City High School should cease to exist, the candidate should be selected from within the current geographical boundaries of the school district; and
  • The following criteria is to be considered when making the scholarship award:
    • Academic Merit
    • The upper 50% of the class (based on a weighted scale)
    • Potential for success in his or her field of study
    • An essay of 500 words or less will be provided related to the following:
      Dustin was a sensitive, caring and thoughtful young man, liked by everyone who met him. With that in mind, briefly explain why you think you are deserving of this award and how you plan to use it.
  • Financial need is primary consideration.
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