Nazareth Foundation (Nazareth in the Woods)

The Nazareth in the Woods Fund was established by the Nazareth in the Woods Corporation desires to unite Catholic Christians concerned with current and future directions of Eucharistic practice in the Church; and to work for spiritual renewal, particularly as it incorporates vision and direction of Eucharistic practices in the Church. This mission is premised upon the Second Vatican Council that defines the Church as a visible structure and as a spiritual community. The purposes of the Nazareth Foundation: “Refounding” of the church shall mean entering into a collaborative process of returning to the original founding experience of Catholic Christianity, and reowning the primary purpose/vision of the original founding. The Nazareth Foundation can make grants to:

  • Those renewal and refounding entities who are inspired by the directives of the Vatican Council II which encourage and empower involvement of all baptized adults in the modern life of the Church.
  • Those entities who may be formed in conjunction with or independently of any present ecclesiastical office or structure so long as they: reflect prayerfully on the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in their own lives; study, observe and listen to the Magisterium of the Church (the teaching office of the Church) with a collaborative attitude, always ready to introduce new questions or issues, and discern collectively decisions or actions that will preserve and deepen the mystery of the Eucharist in Christian lives.
  • Those entities who through open, prayerful, and enlightened discussion of pertinent issues and through dialogue with other Catholics locally and globally, attempt to participate in formulating and expressing what is historically and theologically referred to as the “Sensus Fidelium” (the Spirit-inspired beliefs of the faithful) with respect to Eucharistic practice.
  • Those entities whose work focuses on aiding Christians in developing practical spiritualties in their daily lives.
  • Those apostolates that are facilitating authentic renewal; i.e., that help people grow in the interior life.
  • Those entities whose Ministry helps meet the particular growth needs of the person by taking a Christian Holistic approach with the individual, especially for those who are seeking deeper intimacy and a renewed spirituality.
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