Oil City Arts & Cultural Endowment

A volunteer group of interested citizens created the Oil City Arts and Cultural Endowment with the mission of strengthening the city’s Arts and Cultural Commissions programming and the revitalization of the city by creating an endowment that will enable donors, organizations, and groups to promote, sustain, enrich, and revitalize the City of Oil City through the arts and cultural endeavors. The purpose of the fund is to provide a permanent and growing endowment for the Oil City Arts and Cultural Commission and to:

  • Provide the opportunity for individuals, corporations, and non-profits to contribute to the revitalization of the City through the arts and cultural endeavors
  • Build the bridges needed to strengthen the City’s arts and cultural community
  • Enhance existing programs
  • Encourage the development of new programs
  • Support and sustain the Arts and Cultural Commission and its current and future programs
  • Initiate new programs that promote arts education or broaden participation in existing programs
  • Augment, support, or continue Oil City Area School District, Elementary, Middle, or High School programs that promote interactions between students and adult/senior artists in the Oil City Area
  • Enable Oil City Area non-profits to build capacities through arts and cultural initiative
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